• Improve decision-making and data display for teachers in the classroom

    EduTools is about making data and decision-making easier for practitioners, rather than creating yet another test for students to take. It improves not only teaching and learning, but test and measure selection as well.

    Efficient and effective.
    • Easy setup
    • Easy data entry
    • Flexible data visualization
    • Accurate and defensible decision making
  • 1. Pick the test or measure you want to use to monitor progress.

    1. Let your data help you determine if what you have is sufficient to make the decision you want to make.
    2. Edutools.us allows you to prove that your data measures student progress.
  • 2. Set up your monitoring to increase or decrease behavior or skills.

    1. Edutools.us allows you to visualize eliminating problem behaviors or increasing skills
  • 3. Draw your graph to show not just direction but also include the variability of your data to help you make decisions about student progress with confidence.

    1. Rules like three data points, or procedures like extrapolating trend lines are inaccurate and problematic.
    2. Edutools.us allows you to evaluate the actual status of your intervention in real time, enter the data, and watch the graph change
  • 4. Growth is not always linear, when you allow your analysis to take a non-linear form, your decision can be based upon the pattern of your data, not just the pattern if it were linear.

    1. Before computers, highly intensive complicated methods were too difficult to use to help make decisions. That time has passed.
    2. Edutools.edu will allow you to evaluate the pattern of data collected based on a linear or curvilinear pattern
  • 5. You determine how confident in your decision you want to be, and you decide if you want help with things like setting goals, comparing to peers, or even evaluating progress.

    1. A trend line provides you with a general idea of the amount and direction of progress, confidence intervals provide information about how likely it is that the data you are collecting actually meet your expectations.
    2. Change the level of confidence for your decisions on the fly
  • 6. Use the most up to date technology to demonstrate student progress

    1. Lighting fast set up
    2. Get help with goal setting
    3. Add a normative comparison then watch the graph appear on screen
    4. Add or delete graphical features instantaneously